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Posted by Graeme McKinstry on 15 December 2011 | 0 Comments

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We have finally taken delivery of a new Canon iPF8300 inkjet printer. This adds to our existing Epson 9600 which is still providing sterling service.

The iPF8300 prints up to 44" wide (1118mm) and up to 18m (yes metres) long, which is similar to the Epson. However, where it improves on the Epson is in the number of ink colours: 12 as compared to 7. The extra inks are Red, Green, Blue and an extra light grey, which should allow for a far wider colour gamut. It also has two Black inks (matte and gloss)—which one is used depends on the paper being printed on—and is chosen automatically. It is also faster, the inks are more scratch resistant, and it improves greatly on the “bronzing” problem when printing black-and-white prints.

We have also taken the opportunity to get some new papers, including a Gloss canvas, an eSatin paper and sheets of Velvet Rag paper (1200mm x 900mm).

Trials of the printer are continuing, but so far we are pretty impressed. Wolfgang is tweaking colour setting to try and match existing watercolour prints, and I am experimenting with settings for getting the most accurate colour from CMYK images.

Observations so far: black-and-white prints out of the box are fantastic with no colour casts; printing of 16-bit Photoshop files gives an impressively wide colour range; and the gradations are very smooth.

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