Variable Data

Variable data

Variable data, or one-to-one printing, is a principal advantage of digital printing. A simple and common example is producing form letters and individualizing address and contact details for each recipient, or numbering tickets or docket books.

However, much more is possible. For example, it is possible to completely change images, text and colour for each printed piece. Imagine a brochure for a new range of cars where each brochure sent out to potential customers reflected their taste in cars (big, small, medium, coupé) right down to the colour of the leather of the seats. You could even offer then a personalized price based on their purchase history. Variable data, in conjunction with a database, makes such ideas realizable.

An example of a variable data job we currently produce is certificates for a major Dunedin sporting event. Before we were involved, generic certificates were (digitally) printed on A3 sheets, cut in half to A4 and then these A4 sheets were printed with name and individual details on another black-and-white laser printer. Sticky labels were produced and the right certificate manually sorted with the correct label and all, along with a booklet of all the results for the event, were placed in an envelope. Our solution was to print the certificates in one go, complete with all the competitor’s details (event, time, place, etc.), in post-code order and 4-up on an SRA3 sheet to save costs, with the address details on the back to eliminate the sticky labels. This complete certificate, along with a booklet for the event, were placed in a window envelope. The results: days of saved time, with less errors and for about the same cost.