Websites are a portal into your business. At the very least your website should provide timely information to your clients. To be effective they need to look good, be easy to find your way around and provide useful information. As a website grows in size being able to search the site becomes vital.

To provide timely information means that the website needs to be easily maintained by you—not the designer. This is referred to as a “Content Management System” (CMS). This also has the added benefit of saving you time and money. Therefore a good website will not only look good but will make it easier for you to add, move and delete pages and information without having to rebuild menus and other drudgery. 

We typically use Silverstripe, an award-winning New Zealand developed website platform, to build websites. All the information is automatically stored in a database which makes functions like a website search extremely easier to implement. Because Silverstripe is modular it is also easy to change and extend.

We can also host your website. A typical website only costs $15.00 per month (+ GST) to host which you will find is more than competitive. And if you do need help with maintaining your website we can help with that as well.